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The philosophy of the Department of Mathematics is derived from the overall philosophy of Covenant University, which can be summarized as “Bringing up a new generation of leaders that will move the African continent forward in all areas of human endeavour”. The Department therefore, aims to marry theory with practice and hence undertake to train all students in the methods and techniques of independent research as a means of developing skills needed for critical reasoning about issues in science and national development, that will be beneficial to the community, industry, government and the country at large. Furthermore, there is a strong desire to achieve an enviable level of professionalism and entrepreneurship while maintaining good academic background germinating into valuable industry-university relationship. The drive is to produce graduates who can make informed contributions to scientific, technological, economic and social issues in a globalized environment such as the attainment of the Vision 10-2022 of the University and the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs). Thus, the various research clusters in the Department are involved in researches geared toward the attainment of both Vision 10-2022 of the University and the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). The Pure Mathematics programme in Covenant University is to create the enabling platform for the training of a new generation of problem solvers in all fields of human endeavours.