Faculty Management


Prof. Samuel A. Iyase
Professor (HOD)Prof. Samuel A. Iyase
Dr. Timothy A. Anake
Associate ProfessorDr. Timothy A. Anake
Dr. Michael C. Agarana
Senior LecturerDr. Michael C. Agarana
Dr. Jimevwo G. Oghonyon
Lecturer IDr. Jimevwo G. Oghonyon
Dr. Olasunmbo O. Agboola
Lecturer I/Exam OfficerDr. Olasunmbo O. Agboola
Dr. Abiodun A. Opanuga
Lecturer IDr. Abiodun A. Opanuga
Dr. Sunday O. Edeki
Lecturer IDr. Sunday O. Edeki
Dr. Anuoluwapo Olanrewaju
Lecturer IIDr. Anuoluwapo Olanrewaju
Mr. Oluwole A. Odetunmibi
Lecturer IIMr. Oluwole A. Odetunmibi
Dr. Hilary I. Okagbue
Lecturer IIDr. Hilary I. Okagbue
Dr. Grace O. Alao
Lecturer IIDr. Grace O. Alao
Mr. Ogbu F. Imaga
Assistant LecturerMr. Ogbu F. Imaga
Mr Peter O. Ogunniyi
Assistant LecturerMr Peter O. Ogunniyi
Mr. Opeyemi P. Ogundile
Assistant LecturerMr. Opeyemi P. Ogundile

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