Meet our Students

Our students are trained on how to apply mathematical analysis to problems arising from business and industry. They have strong and analytical and problem-solving skills built upon a background of mathematics, computing, statistics, and basic science.  They demonstrate traits of honesty, uprightness and trustworthiness at all times. Our students are also trained to be accountable, transparent and open in all their dealings. They flag truth as a virtue at all times, particularly in conduct during examinations, obeying the rules and regulations of the University, being spiritually sound, morally upright and having a good conscience.


HOD’s Welcome Note



Welcome to the Department of Mathematics. We produce a new generation of leaders and make breakthroughs in fields of science and technology.

Our students are immersed in a supporting and nurturing teaching environment. Research forms a key part of all our programs with our students working individually, but guided by experienced faculties, on research culminating in their final year projects.

Our young and remarkable faculty conduct research in basic and applied mathematics ranging from functional analysis, differential equations, numerical analysis, fluid and solid dynamics, quantum stochastic differential equations, optimization and financial mathematics.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.