MAT113: Course Outline

MODULE 1:  Elementary vector analysis

MODULE 2:  The notions of displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration of a particle

MODULE 3:  Newton’s laws of motion and applications to simple problems.

MODULE 4:  Work, power, conservation of energy to motion of particles and those involving elastic and spring.

MODULE 5:  Collision of smooth spheres.

MODULE 6:  Simple problems of projections.

MODULE 7:  Conical pendulum. Simple harmonic motion.

MODULE 8:  Resultant of any number of forces acting on a particle.

MODULE 9:  Reduction of coplanar forces acting on a rigid body to a force and a couple.

MODULE 10: Equilibrium of coplanar forces, parallel forces, couples laws of function.

MODULE 11: Applications of the principle of moments. Moments of inertia of simple bodies.